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               Alexander T. Polaski

1987 | Bachelor of Architecture

           The Pennsylvania State University

1991 | NJ Licensed Architect

1992 | NCARB Certified

              National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

2016 | PA Licensed Architect


For homeowners and small businesses alike, whether an addition, alteration, or remodel... our attention is focused on our client's requirements. Since 1995, Polaski Architecture, LLC has been providing creative solutions to our client's spatial dilemmas.

Our role is to synthesize the many thoughts and ideas you have,

culminating in a design not just meeting your requirements,

but exceeding your expectations.

The owner is fully engaged in all aspects of the work:

from taking your initial call and listening to your needs,

to development of creative design solutions and final documentation.

If you prefer personalized professional service

with meetings at your location, why don't you give us a call..


The firm was founded in 1995 as a sole proprietorship, practicing as Alexander T. Polaski, R.A. Since 2007, the firm has been providing the same quality services as Polaski Architecture, LLC.
We have grown to specialize in addition and alteration projects, paying close attention to each client’s needs and wishes, while at the same time respecting the integrity of the existing building we are working with.

With nearly 30 years of diversified small office experience in residential, light commercial, and office projects ,  Al Polaski has focused the firm on providing creative architectural design and quality professional services. These goals are accomplished by working closely with homeowners and small businesses to achieve their design goals.

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